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Czech Commission for UNESCO
Photo: Czech Commission for UNESCO

Czech Commission for UNESCO


The Czech Commission for UNESCO was established by the Government Resolution of 1 June 1994 as a government advisory and coordinating body in the matters concerning UNESCO and the relations of the Czech Republic to this organization.

The Czech Commission for UNESCO helps in developing cooperation between the Czech Republic and UNESCO in all priority areas, monitors UNESCO activity and analyses its documents, submits proposals and recommendations to the competent ministries and organisations, assumes moral patronage of non-profit projects linked to UNESCO.

The Members of the Czech Commission for UNESCO are drawn from the relevant ministries, important institutions and organisations and prominent personalities of the Czech society. They are appointed for a four-year term of office by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The membership is honorary and unpaid.

On 1 February 2017 the Minister of Foreign Affairs appointed prof. Stanislav Štech new President of the Czech Commission for UNESCO.

The work of the Czech Commission for UNESCO between plenary sessions is governed by the Executive Committee which is made up of representatives of ministries and the Chairmen of subcommittees. The Executive Committee deals with the operative tasks of the Commission and acts on its behalf in those questions for which it has been expressly empowered by the Commission. The Committee also monitors the fulfilment of decisions made by the Commission.

The Commission set up three specialized subcommittees:

  • the subcomittee for culture and communication;
  • the subcomittee for the environment;
  • the subcomittee for education, science and information.

These specialized subcomittees are the advisory bodies of the Commission. They are made up of members of the Commission who show an interest in working in the relevant field and of other experts. The Chairman of the subcomittee is appointed by the Chairman of the Czech Commission for UNESCO from its members. A subcomittee may set up an “ad hoc” working group to deal with specific tasks and convene it as required.

In accordance with its Statutes the Commission assumes moral patronage of non-profit projects directly linked with the UNESCO programme or with implementation of UNESCO conventions and recommendations.

Since the 1 July 1996 the Secretariat of the Commission has had the status of a special unit within the United Nations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Secretariat of the Czech Commission for UNESCO makes sure that the decisions taken by the Commission and its bodies are carried out, maintains contact with the UNESCO Secretariat in Paris and with partner national commissions.

Contact details of the Secretariat of the Czech Commission for UNESCO:

Mr . František MED, Secretary-General

Address: Loretánské nám. 5, 118 00 Prague 1

Phone: + 420 224 182 716