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Security policy


The basis of the security policy is a set of the state's key goals and instruments, which strive for securing state's sovereignty, territorial integrity and its political independence, democratic foundations, operationability of democratic institutions, economic and social development of the state, protection of health and life of its citizens, properties, cultural assets, environment and fulfillment of the international security commitments.

The state's security policy consists of five basic components:

  • foreign policy;
  • defense policy;
  • internal security policy;
  • economic policy in the area of state security;
  • policy of public awareness in the field of state security.

The principal conceptual document that defines security threats as well as ways and means how to counter them is the national Security Strategy. Current Security Strategy of the Czech Republic 2023 was approved by government on June 28, 2023. This document is a fundamental document of the security policy of the Czech Republic. It builds on the principal strategic documents of NATO and the EU adopted in 2022 and all subsequent national strategies and concepts in the field of security are based on it. The current Security Strategy maintains the structure of its predecessors (Strategies from 2003, 2011 and 2015), it reflects, nevertheless, the dramatic changes in the security environment in Europe and globally. Both from a regional point of view (Russia as a direct threat, China as a systemic challenge, states that do not respect the international rules-based order, unstable regions of the world, etc.) and from the point of view of threats and risks in new domains (climate change, cyber space, outer space, pandemic threats, hybrid operations, etc.).

The current situation significantly affects the security of the Euro-Atlantic region and generates increased requirements on NATO, the EU and individual member states to respond more effectively to the new security threats and challenges. The document concisely and in detail describes the starting points of the security policy of the Czech Republic and its security interests. It updates the analysis of the security environment and the strategy for promoting the security interests of the Czech Republic as well as the areas of strategic attention of the country, based on the current developments of the regional and global security situation. The Security Strategy of the Czech Republic 2023, similarly to the previous documents, defines threats and trends with impacts on the security interests of the Czech Republic and enumerates measures how to prevent them. The strategy reflects the increased demands on the readiness of the Czech Republic and of other NATO and EU members to respond to the new security environment. It emphasis the fulfilment of our alliance commitments. The document also incorporates issues of ensuring internal security, in which the Czech Republic faces new challenges too. For example in the areas of migration, energy or food security, information manipulation, etc.

The security strategy distinguishes the interests of the Czech Republic according to the degree of importance into three categories: vital, strategic and other important.

Ensuring the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of the Czech Republic and preserving all constituent elements of the democratic rule of law, including the protection and safeguards of fundamental human rights and freedoms for our people remains a vital interest.

Strategic interests include security and stability, above all in the Euro-Atlantic space and international stability and the rules-based order; united, operational and stable EU , strong and cohesive NATO,  transatlantic link and NATO-EU  strategic unity, including the complementary development of their defense and security capabilities. Among strategic interests, the document also lists building technologically advanced and prepared armed forces for our own as well as collective defence; ensuring internal security and protection of the population; ensuring cyber security; reducing economic and resource dependence on actors who pose a threat to the Czech Republic, etc. The fulfillment of strategic interests serves to protect vital interests. At the same time, it helps to safeguard the social development and prosperity of the Czech Republic.

Advancement of other important interests serves our vital and strategic interests. It also improves our society’s resilience to security threats. Other important interests include: development of bilateral relations with constructive partners; an independent Ukraine anchored in Euro-Atlantic structures; increasing the effectiveness of multilateralism projected through the UN and the OSCE; reducing crime with an emphasis on economic crime, organized crime, information crime and the fight against corruption; strengthening intelligence protection and defense of the Czech Republic; creating conditions for a tolerant civil society; suppressing extremism and its causes; increasing the efficiency and professionalism of state institutions; transforming the education system towards an emphasis on cyber and information literacy, etc.


Security Strategy of the Czech Republic 2023 1 MB pdf (Adobe Acrobat document) Jun 30, 2023

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