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Czechs Abroad


Department for Expatriate Affairs

Since February 1, 2019 Jiří KRÁTKÝ has been appointed  as Special Envoy for Expatriate Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The Office of the Special Envoy is located at:

Loretánská ul. 6, 118 00  Praha 1

Compatriot folklore dance group, Nova Petrópolis, Brazil

The Department for Expatriate Affairs

  • promotes cooperation with Czech communities around the world through:
    • the provision of financial donations for the communities' cultural projects (including the projects run by the Czech School Without Borders), for the maintenance and repairs of the Czech schools, cultural facilities and small monuments abroad,
    • an educational programme for Czechs living abroad:
      • Summer course in Poděbrady,
      • one- and two-semester study courses at public universities in the Czech Republic,
      • Czech language teaching course for teachers from the communities,
      • sending of teachers to Czech communities abroad,
      • sending of lecturers of the Czech Language and Literature to the whole world
  • provides:
    • for the issuing of certificates of belonging to the Czech community living abroad,
    • an information service for Czech societies around the world, regularly updating directories of Czech societies abroad.


People abroad who claim Czech origin 90 kB pdf (Adobe Acrobat document) Jul 19, 2011

Bulgarian Czechs - exhibition to celebrate100th anniversary of establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations between Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria


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Calling all Czechs abroad: Help build a global social network to strengthen Czech bonds


The Czech Republic is reaching out to all Czechs abroad with a new social network that is to help empower individuals and communities and strengthen bonds with their home country. more ►

Czechs abroad can vote to have a “significant day“ in the Czech calendar


Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček has launched a public poll to help select a specific date for Czechs Abroad Day, choosing from five historically significant dates for Czech expats. more ►

The Czech books you must read


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Czech schools in the USA

Local Czech Language Schools provide education for children of Czech origin and also offer Czech language classes for all, who are interested in learning Czech. more ►

The Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles: INVITATION


Celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution continues with panel discussion with special guests on November 20, 2019 at LMU more ►

Save the date: The Velvet Revolution 30 Years Later: Promises, Legacies & Challenges


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Jiří Krátký: We need to find new leaders who will and are promoting the good name of the Czech Republic abroad


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11th International Conference of Czech Schools Abroad


1 - 2 August 2019, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was hosting the 11th International Conference of Czech Schools Abroad. The regular event is organised by the Czech School Without Borders, an… more ►

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Overview of cooperative institutions, programs and iniciatives with focus on expatriate affairs. more ►

Compatriot Education Programme

Under the Government Decree No. 925 from September 14, 2020, the Government of the Czech Republic approved the extension of the Support of Czech Cultural Heritage Abroad Programme for the… more ►