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Science diplomacy in Czech MFA


The Czech Government considers international collaboration in research and innovation to be a very important task in further advancing unique qualities of the Czech research (knowledge potential, developed human resources, state-of-the art facilities) as well as an important instrument of multilateral efforts to address current major global challenges. Subsequently, the Czech MFA develops strategies and builds capacities in science diplomacy.

Czech diplomatic service facilitates international collaboration in research and development of new technologies, both bilateral and multilateral, involving Czech scientists and innovators (activities usually referred to as diplomacy for science). Diplomats can build on unique qualities of Czech research and education (knowledge potential, developed human resources, state-of-the art facilities). From this perspective, diplomacy, and science diplomacy in particular, is based on an ability to communicate, establish and maintain contacts and build mutual trust in the long run. Such skills are usually called “soft”. However, in a more and more complex and more and more contradictory world of today, these “soft skills” are needed more than ever before.

One of the main goals is to support mutually beneficial collaborative projects in specific areas (such as digital technologies, artificial intelligence, new materials, e-health, green technologies etc.) The capability to embrace new discoveries and technologies will determine future economic growth and prosperity of advanced nations. At the same time, it will have major repercussions for their societal development and stability as well as their international standing. Disruptive technologies may bring about some risks that, if unabated, may undermine our democratic institutions. Those challenges can be ameliorated by international collaboration in developing and implementing global common rules and norms of behavior.


Basic pillars of Czech science diplomacy

The activity of the foreign service in science diplomacy and its coordination has several levels:

  1. coordination mechanism across the entire national R&D&I system - interministerial steering group established at the Council for Research, Development and Innovation of the Office of the Prime Minister (Council, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Science Foundation, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Czech Academy of Sciences); the competences of individual actors and their activities are determined by valid legislation and decisions;
  2. coordination structure at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is ensured through the Science Diplomacy Unit within the Economic and Science Diplomacy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (general electronic adress
  3. the network of embassies and consulates which is managed from the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - three specialized scientific diplomats (scientific attachés, scientific cousellors) in priority countries and a number of economic diplomats in countries with developed R&D&I system who have "science diplomacy" in their portfolio; the performance of science diplomacy tasks is always managed by the Head of the relevant mission.


Guide of Czech R&D&I and educational system

ENGLISH VERSION: Guide of Czech R&D&I and educational system (PDF, 478 KB)

VERSION FRANCAISE: Guide de RDI et d´enseignement supérieur en Tchéquie (PDF, 450 KB)

VERSIÓN ESPAGNOL: Guía de I+D+I y educación superior en Chequia (PDF, 422 KB)

ARABIC VERSION: Guide of Czech R&D&I and educational system (PDF, 440 KB)


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