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The Czech Republic and the Arctic Council


Welcome to the webpages dedicated to Czech activities in the Arctic. The Czech Republic officially applied for Observer Status in the Arctic Council in December 2020. At the meeting in Reykjavik in May 2021, no decision was taken on admitting new Observers.

Although obtaining Observer Status is not currently on the table, the Czech Republic remains committed to the Arctic as a region of peaceful coexistence open to scientific research and as a region that brings states and its people together in preventing and combatting negative impacts of climate change, and Czech scientific community shall continue their research activities.

The Czech Republic has a long tradition of Arctic research - Czech scientists operate an Arctic Research Station in Svalbard and they are involved in number of long-term research projects focused especially on the environment, climate change and related sociological and economic issues.


Společně pro udržitelnou Arktidu 1 MB pdf (Adobe Acrobat document) Mar 22, 2021

Working Together for a Sustainable Arctic 1 MB pdf (Adobe Acrobat document) Mar 19, 2021

Česko v Arktidě/Arktida v Česku 6 MB pdf (Adobe Acrobat document) Mar 22, 2021

Czechia in the Arctic/The Arctic in Czechia 6 MB pdf (Adobe Acrobat document) Mar 19, 2021

Activities of Czech scientists related to the Arctic


Arctic Festival


Czech footprints in the Arctic


Discussion with Minister Petříček in the Arctic Circle


Tomáš Petříček, Minister of Foreign Affairs, participated in the on-line debate organized by the Arctic Circle on 25th March. During the discussion, he presented the candidacy of the Czech… more ►

Webinar Czechia in the Arctic / The Arctic in Czechia

On 13 April 2021, as part of Candidacy of the Czech Republic for Observer Status in the Arctic Council, an online scientific and cultural seminar, Czechia in the Arctic / The Arctic in… more ►

Webinar on the Impact of Climate Change in the Arctic

On 30th April, the Czech Embassy in Oslo together with Agricultural University of Iceland organised virtual seminar devoted to the impacts of climate change in the Arctic. The speakers from… more ►

The Czech Republic attended the third Arctic Science Ministerial

The third Arctic Science Ministerial Conference (ASM3) took place in Tokyo, Japan, from 8 to 9 May 2021, with the participation of 28 states and representatives of organizations representing the… more ►