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New travel passport of the Czech Republic with biometrics

Those applicants who wish to apply for their first Czech passport (for instance applicants who were born abroad) are obliged to register the birth of the concerned person first. It is only when the Czech birth certificate and the Certificate of the citizenship of the Czech Republic has been issued that the passport application can be lodged. All passport applications must be submitted in person, during a previously booked appointment.
There is a timeframe of 120 days set by the Czech law regulations, within which the passport has to be delivered to the representative office, counting from the date the passport application was submitted. When the birth of the concerned person has to be registered prior to the actual passport application, the whole process will take significantly longer period, including several appointments.

General notice - passports agenda at the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London is handled on the appointment basis. You can find all information about making appointment at the section Visa and Consular Information - Contact Details.

1. Introduction

1.1 Please note that this information is just a brief extract from the full version available only in Czech language, which is available on the Czech version of this website.

1.2 In accordance with the EC Regulation No. 2252/2004 on security and biometrics in travel documents issued by the EU Member States, the Czech Republic launched the procedure of issuing new passports as of September 1, 2006.

2. Documents to be presented when applying for new passport 

2.1 original Czech passport,

2.2 Czech Citizenship Certificate; either passport, ID or certificate.

2.3 Czech Birth Certificate, 

2.4 Czech Marriage Licence (married and divorced women only), 

2.5 administrative fee for the passport issuance procedure,

2.6 Birth Number Certificate; can be found either in the birth certificate, passport, ID or in the document issued by the Ministry of Interior.

3. Application process

3.1 Applicants with residence in the United Kingdom will come in person to the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic with all the above documents.

3.2 The consular officer will do the following:

3.2.1 check all documents and compare them with data contained in the Central Registry of Citizens and Travel Documents,

3.2.2 take a photo of applicant,

3.2.3 let the applicant check all data, confirm and sign the application,

3.2.4 application is then sent to the issuing post in the Czech Republic.

3.3 After the passport is prepared and sent to the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London, the applicant will be informed via email to come in person to collect the passport.