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Consular and Visa Fees

The exact amount for each fee is determined by Czech Law (No. 634/2004 Coll) and are therefore non-negotiable. The exact British Pound (GBP) amount for payments in cash is determined on the first day at the beginning of each month based on the current exchange rate between Czech Crown and the British Pound.

All consular fees are payable in British pounds (GBP) when the application is submitted. The consular fee can be paid in cash, payment card or postal orders, payable to the Czech Embassy, cheques are not accepted.

Fees paid by payment cards are collected in Czech crowns (CZK) only, however some banks may charge you a non-sterling transaction fee. We recommend you to check the amount of the fee.

Thank you for your understanding.

List of Consular Fees_January 2024 (PDF, 311 KB)

List of Visa Fees_January 2024 (PDF, 14 KB)

Please make postal orders payable to "Czech Embassy".
Please have the exact amount of money prepared.