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Applying for an Extract from the Czech Republic Criminal Register

The Extract from the Czech Criminal register is issued by the Office of the State Attorney of the Czech Republic and may be obtained through the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London.

General notice - an application for an Extract is possible to submit on Thursdays from 9:00 to 12:00 (walk in service).

Kindly use this form (print it out first) and please fill only the following items, translation is provided for your convenience:

  • Jméno a původní (rodné příjmení) - Name and Surname at Birth,
  • Nynější příjmení - Present Surname,
  • Rodné číslo - applicable only to persons born in the Czech Republic,
  • Den, měsíc a rok narození - Date of Birth (day, month, year),
  • Místo narození - Place of Birth (city, district, country),
  • Jméno a příjmení otce - Name and Surname of Father,
  • Jméno a příjmení matky - Name and Surname of Mother,
  • Rodné příjmení matky - Mother´s Maiden Surname,
  • Trvalý pobyt žadatele - Your permanent address,
  • Podpis žadatele - Your signature.

During the appointment must be shown valid passport or ID Card.

The fee for the Extract (item 162c) can be paid in cash, by bank card or by Postal Order to the "Czech Embassy".

Completed forms are processed in the Czech Republic. Processing time:

  • For Czech citizens: 15 minutes
  • For foreign nationals who were assigned a birth number: approx. 3 business days
  • For other applicants: 7-8 week.

Please note that the Extract from the Czech Republic Criminal Register can be obtained in Czech language only. As of July 1, 2012 it is possible to request at no additional cost that a Czech criminal record check includes a record check from another Member country of the European Union (that in which the applicant permanently resides/resided or of which the applicant is/was a citizen). Please indicate this request in the top right corner of the application form. Currently it is not possible to issue the criminal record check in this manner of the following countries: Cyprus, Denmark, Italy, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria and Hungary.

We can return the Extract to the applicant´s home address if he or she provides prepaid Special Delivery envelope.


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