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Below we summarise the main points of project implementation, including visibility requirements.

The call for project proposals 

The call for project proposals under the Transition Promotion Programme is usually published in September of the previous year. Potential implementers submit their project proposals through the Grantys system following the call (access here: GrantYS). The range of eligible applicants and the scope of documentation required are always published in the respective grant call, as well as the required share of own resources for project implementation.  

The projects are then evaluated by a selection committee and on the basis of predetermined criteria - relevance of the topic, capacity of the implementer, effectiveness of the funds spent, feasibility, sustainability and form of the proposal. Applicants are usually informed of the results at the end of the year. 

Negotiation process  

Successful applicants are subsequently subject to a so-called negotiation process. During this process, applicants must complete selected documents for the Grant Award Decision and, if necessary, modify the project if recommended by the selection committee. If the project applicant fails to complete the required documents, fails to make the required modifications or loses interest in the project, applicants from the so-called reserve list are contacted. 

Project implementation  

The project is implemented throughout the year. The applicant will receive the grant in two instalments. The first one after the issuance of the Grant Award Decision and the second one after the submission of the Interim Report in the middle of the implementation period. By mid-February of the following year, the applicant must then submit a final report on the implementation of the project, including a financial settlement of the grant and an external audit, and repay any unspent funds. 


Monitoring of the project implementation is carried out by the staff of the relevant embassy or by the staff of the Human Rights and Transition Policy Department. The implementer is obliged to keep the embassy informed of its activities in the country so that monitoring can be planned. 


Unless prevented by fundamental reasons that are agreed in advance, the implementer is obliged to take steps to maximise the visibility of Czech support for the project. The implementer uses the programme logo on relevant materials (invitations, programme, publications, website, etc.), invites representatives of the Czech embassy to events and informs about the project through its information channels and social networks. 


A list of current calls can be found here (in Czech). 


If you have any further questions, please contact us at or call the Human Rights and Transformation Promotion Department (+ 420 224 182 311). 

Logo of the Program


Logo of the Transition Promotion Program for download. more ►