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Since its unification in 1994, Yemen has been undergoing economic and social modernisation; the country nevertheless remains the poorest Arab country, ranking 133rd in the Human Development Index. Its development is slowed by internal quarrels and the resulting displacement of population and damage to infrastructure. The decreasing availability and worsening quality of drinking and irrigation water is a special problem that hampers the effectiveness of Yemen’s agriculture.

Through its assistance, the Czech Republic attempts to increase the stability and security of the region as well as to continue the tradition of close relations that existed between Yemen and the former Czechoslovakia.  The 2010 development priorities included the sectors of energy and water supply.  

The Czech Republic completed two long-term projects in the sector of water supply. The establishment of a sewage water treatment plant in the town of Hadibo contributed to the renewability of water resources, while also saving potable water. The drinking water treatment project in the town of Al Mukalla targeted the long-term contamination of water sources with an iron content that had significantly exceeded the applicable limits for many years.    

In energy, the most significant share of funds in 2010 was invested in the completion of the multi-annual project of the Hiswa power plant overhaul. Within the project, the Czech Republic replaced obsolete technology, thus increasing the safety of the plant’s operation.  

           As a part of small local projects, the Czech Republic supplied health equipment to the hospital of Al-Ahdan, as well as equipment to a school in Al-Deen, while also supporting disabled Yemeni athletes.  

In the academic year 2010/2011, Yemen was offered one scholarship. A total of 18 Yemeni students studied on government scholarships in the Czech Republic in 2010, mostly enrolled on medical programmes.

In 2010, the Czech Republic implemented in Yemen a total of 6 bilateral development projects (3 major projects and 3 smaller, local projects), totalling USD 0.8 million. The total official development assistance amounted to USD 1 million.