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In spite of economic growth in recent years, Angola ranked no. 148 out of 187 countries in the world according to the Human Development Index in 2011.

Within Czech development cooperation, Angola enjoyed the status of a programme country until 2010. Based on the Development Cooperation Strategy of the Czech Republic 2010 – 2017, Angola now belongs to the group of countries where current activities will benefit from continued aid but revised to suit existing needs, as compared to the previous period of the programme.

The Czech Republic mostly focused on the isolated province of Bie which was significantly damaged by the civil war. The Czech Republic contributed to the improvement of the economic standing of the local population by supporting poultry breeding, and by helping to bring agricultural products to local markets. The Czech Republic also focused on supporting primary and secondary education, and agriculture training in particular. The high number of mines scattered across the Bie province largely impede the development of agriculture as well as other economic activities. To aid in the clearance of mines, the Czech Republic implemented a small local project.

In addition to development projects under the Czech Development Agency (CZDA) there are also small local projects implemented by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pretoria and Angolan students are offered government scholarships.

A list of Czech development cooperation projects in Angola as of 2012 can be dowloaded below.



Czech development projects in Angola 2012 32 kB xls (Excel document) Jan 15, 2013