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Short term (Schengen) Visa

Schengen Information System and Protection of Personal Data

VFS Global Pretoria Joint visa application centre relocated since 14 August 2023 on the new address

VFS Pretoria JVAC (Joint- visa application centre) will be relocated on 14 August 2023. Czech Republic visa applicants would be served from the new address from 14 August 2023. Czech Republic VAC current address in Pretoria: Cherry… more ►

Consular and Visa Section

General information of the Consular and Visa Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pretoria. more ►

VFS South Africa - Schengen visa

Short time visa applications will only be accepted if submitted through the VFS Visa Centers in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Gaborone. In the Embassy can be accepted only family members of EU citizens. more ►

Admissibility of an application for a short time (Schengen) visa

1.The request was submitted within the time limit. Visa applications shall be submitted not earlier than six months and, in the case of seafarers, in the performance of their duties, not earlier than nine months, before the start of the intended… more ►

The revised Visa Code enters into force on February 2, 2020

Some revisions, which concern procedure for submission of Schengen visa applications, are summarized below: - minor changes are made to the Schengen visa application form - visa fee has been increased to 80 euros (1 319,-… more ►

As from 2 February 2020 it will only be possible to apply for a Schengen Visa at VFS Visa Centers – Not at the Embassy of Czech Republic in Pretoria

In connection with the Amendment to the Visa Code, effective from 2 February 2020, we announce that from 2 February 2020 the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pretoria will not accept standard Schengen Visa applications at the visa section. Visa… more ►

Useful things you need to know

Useful links more ►

Airport Transit Visa

Airport transit visa is issued to persons transiting through one of the Czech international airports if they are citizens/holders of travel documents of the following states: more ►

After your visa was issued/refused

Facilitation Agreements in Issuing Schengen Visas

Schengen visa applications – outsourcing in Botswana


For submission of Schengen visa applications in Botswana, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pretoria has been cooperating with an external service provider – BLS International. Applications are accepted at the BLS visa center in… more ►

Requirements for Schengen visa

List of supporting documents to be presented by applicants for short stay visas. ALL DOCUMENTS HAVE TO BE PRODUCED IN ORIGINAL. Please contact: www.vfsglobal.com/CzechRepublic/SouthAfrica more ►

Representation in issuing Schengen Visas

Important notice for citizens from Botswana, Mozambique and Angola regarding the application process for Schengen Visas. more ►

Fees for Schengen visa

Visa fees for Schengen Visas. VISA FEES Visa fee for adults – July 2020 – 80 - EUR Visa fee for children between 6 and 12 years old (up to the day of the 12th birthday) – July 2020 - 40,- EUR Appeal fee : 60 EUR… more ►