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CzechPoint services

Czech Submission Authentication Information National Terminal (CzechPOINT) is an online portal which enables applicants to obtain extracts from Czech public administration information systems or basic registers, to submit certain requests to the state administration, to apply for an establishment of a data box (electronic mailbox for official communication with Czech authorities), to convert public documents into an official electronic version and vice versa, and other services.



The CzechPOINT portal offers the following services to the public, among others:

  • - extracts from public administration information systems and basic registers (excerpt from the criminal record, from the real estate register, from the business/trade register),
  • - conversion of documents in a paper form into an official electronic document and vice versa 
  • - establishment and management of a data box.

The full list of services provided and more detailed information about the contact centers of the CzechPOINT public administration can be found at the CzechPOINT website.​


The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pretoria is one of the CzechPOINT public administration centers and as such provides its services. For appointments kindly register via email at consulate_pretoria@mzv.cz.

During a submission, you need to present a valid identity document (passport, national identity card) and most services are subject to administrative fees. 


Remark: The excerpts/statements obtained at CzechPOINT public administration centers are primarily intended for their use in the territory of the Czech Republic. The use of Czech public documents abroad is subject to authentication procedures. Therefore if an apostille or a superlegatization stamp is required on the document, it is necessary to apply for the document in a different way than through the Czech POINT public administration center. For more information, contact our embassy by email.