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Authentication of documents

Czech embassies abroad perform authentication services such as verification of the authenticity of a signature, verification of the authenticity of a copy, certification of the authenticity of foreign documents (superlegalization) and verification of translations. Honorary consulates of the Czech Republic perform these services only when these are formally included in their scope of duties (Czech honorary consulates in Gaborone, Port Louis, Maputo and Luanda).

Appointments can be requested via email at pretoria.consulate@mzv.gov.cz.

Authentication of signature / copy

Certification of foreign documents to be used in Czechia

In order for the Czech authorities to recognize a foreign public document, it is necessary to have it higher authenticated/certified. If the document was issued by a state that is a signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention, a the document… more ►

Certification of Czech documents to be used abroad

Similar to the authentication procedure of foreign documents for their recognition in the Czech Republic, also the Czech public documents must be certified in order to be used abroad. If the document is to be recognized by a state that is a… more ►

Verification of translation

The embassy does not perform translations of documents, but it can officially attest the correctness of a translation. more ►