Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

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Foreign Security Policy Coordination Committee (FSPCC)


The Committee is responsible for the national coordination of foreign security policy, with an emphasis on the Czech Republic’s international status and on relations with international security organizations.

The Committee on the Coordination of Foreign Security Policy was established by Government Resolution No. 32 of 11 January 1999 as a standing working body for the National Security Council responsible for the domestic coordination of the Czech Republic’s foreign security policy.

In the field of foreign security policy, the Committee coordinates preparatory measures and activities. Its main tasks include coordination of the domestic activities of administrative authorities fulfilling the tasks and obligations associated with the Czech Republic's membership in international security organizations (UN, NATO, OSCE, EU/CSDP). Furthermore, the Committee deals with regional security matters and assesses relevant risks that could potentially threaten the Czech Republic’s security and interests.

The Committee also reviews, in terms of Czech foreign policy, proposals for the Czech Republic’s involvement in peacekeeping, humanitarian and rescue operations and discusses the financial framework for the Czech Republic’s participation in foreign civil operations and missions led by international governmental organizations.

To fulfil the main tasks, the Committee has established the following expert working groups and sub-committees:

  • Expert working group on defence and security industry
  • Expert working group on energy security
  • Sub-committee on cooperation with international security organizations