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Verification Appointment Booking

As of July 8th, 2022 the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Accra introduced a booking system for scheduling appointments for verification of documents (e.g. superlegalization, verification of translations). From this day applicants have to book an appointment for submitting their documents for verification by e-mail only.

All applicants must schedule an appointment on the following email:


The booking slots are opened on the last working day of each month from 8:00 a.m. Ghana local time for the period of one (1) upcoming month.

In subject of the e-mail must be presented ONLY your passport number. Other e-mails with wrong subject will not be accepted and WILL NOT obtain an appointment.

For one (1) appointment each applicant is allowed to submit maximum three (3) documents per person.

Please note if you decide to authorize a 3rd person who would come and submit the documents for verification on your behalf, this person must book an individual appointment for him/her, bring up to (3) documents per person and follow all the below mentioned information which concerns power of attorney as well.

The email booking of an appointment must contain all the following information:

  1. first name and surname of the applicant
  2. type of verification (e.g. superlegalization, verification of translation, etc.)
  3. phone number of the applicant
  4. e-mail of the applicant
  5. attachment 1 – scan of the passport data page of applicant and in case of authorizing another person also the scan of the passport data page of this person (in pdf.  format)
  6. attachment 2 – for superlegalization purposes - scan of the already legalized document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (e.g. criminal check, high school/university diploma and transcript of academic records, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.) and/or for the purpose of verification of translation - scan of the already done translation (in the .pdf format)
  7. attachment 3 – scan of original power of attorney in case of not submitting the documents for verification in person but using an authorized 3rd person (in the .pdf format)

E-mails received before this time WILL NOT be considered as valid.

Booking requests on wrong e-mail address is considered as invalid and will not be given any appointment

Each applicant is allowed to send  ONE (1) e-mail only. Applicants who will send more than 1 e-mail (in case of duplicity of his/her passport number in the subjects of the e-mails), will be excluded.