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Short term visas (up to 90 days)

Canadian citizens are not required to hold short term visa for a stay, which does not exceed 90 days under the condition that the stay is not profitable.


The Czech Republic applies an exception according to Article 4, paragraph 3 of Regulation 539/2001, i.e. that citizens of Canada (as well as other visa-free countries) still require a visa for short-term stays for the purpose of gainful employment.

Third countries´ nationals who are not exempted from visa duty may apply for a Schengen visa on condition they reside in Canada  (they have either a permanent residence permit or a long-term residence permit that is valid for at least three months after the expected expiration date of their Schengen visa).


Applications are generally lodged in person and biometric data (fingerprints) are collected.

Children younger than 12 do not submit fingerprints and therefore do not need to visit the consulate.  However, we request their birth certificate. Children between 12 and 15 need to come accompanied by their parents / legal guardians who lodge visa applications on their behalf.


Booking appointment for Schengen visa

To apply for a Schengen visa, you need to make an appointment by sending a request to toronto.visa(at)mzv.gov. cz. The following must be stated in  the request:

1. Name, surname, nationality of the applicant,

2. The purpose of the travel including the exact travel plan, so that we can assess whether our Embassy is the competent authority to decide on your application. If you plan to visit more Schengen countries, convey exact dates of stay in each country.

Please attach the following documents to your appointment request:

1. the copy of your Canadian long term visa (please bear in mind that the visa has to be issued for at least 1 year to be eligible to submit the application) or permanent residency card in Canada,

2. the copy of the document proving that you reside within the territory of our consular jurisdiction.

Application for a Schengen (short-term) visa may be filed within 6 months before the planned trip. The application must be submitted at least 15 days before the planned travel, if it is made later, the consulate has the authority to refuse it. An application submitted at a later date may not be processed in time.

In most cases, visa applications are processed within 15 days. In exceptional cases, the examination period can be extended up to 45 days.

For the supporting documents please see:




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