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Photo: K. Sykora

List of translators

Here is a list of interpreters whose services you can use in case you need to have a document translated from Czech to English and vice versa.

Please note that while the Embassy authenticates translations (i.e. confirms their accuracy), we do not provide actual translating services. If you need to have your Czech or English document translated in the respective language, you can either do it yourself and have our Embassy authenticate such translation, or you can use the services of commercial interpreters. While we do not condone any translating agency, here are some of the translators who often offer their services to our clients (please note however that these individuals are not accredited translators in the Czech Republic and therefore even their translations will need to be authenticated by our Embassy or consulate in order for them to be accepted as official translations in the Czech Republic):

Translators accredited in the Czech Republic can be searched at the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. Most of these interpreters are located in the Czech Republic, an exception being

  • Vladimir Sulc, tel. 212-725-9845 or 347-754-1158, e-mail: vladimir.sulc@me.com

who resides in New York City. Translations from Mr. Sulc are accepted in the Czech Republic as official without the need of their authentication by our Embassy or consulates.

The Consulate can not accept translations done by Google or any other automated translators as they do not reach the acceptable standard for official translations.