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Embassy of the Czech Republic starts accepting payment by bankcards

With effect from 1 May 2021, the Czech Embassy of Riga will start to accept payments by bankcards for the consular acts (signature verification, verification of copies, applications for registration documents, etc.).

Unlike payments in cash, which continue to be an accepted form of payment, when paying by a card, the amount of the fee is set in Czech Crowns (CZK), according to the tariff of consular fees. The amount of CZK is converted to the currency in which the payment card is held at the exchange rate of the respective bank and the transfer may be subject to an additional fee at some banks (by the bank, not the Embassy). When paying in cash, the prices of fees are converted into EUR by the electronic cash desk of the consular section, which uses the monthly exchange rates set by the CNB to convert CZK into EUR. The amount of fees for consular acts therefore remains the same in CZK (so far, for example, verification of the signature 250, -CZK, usually according to the exchange rate around 10, -EUR, verification of a copy 300, -CZK, usually 11, -EUR, acceptance of the application for registration of the registry event 200, -CZK, -CZK, usually 8, -EUR etc.). However, the amount transferred in EUR may differ slightly when paying by card - the difference is the result of possible exchange rate deviations of individual banks.