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Legalisation of the Documents

Notarial acts

The Consular Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Riga can provide notarial acts i.e. to attest a signature, to make out (Czech ↔ Latvian) and certify, to authenticate a photocopy.

If you require your signature to be legalised, you will have to come in person to our office, show your valid passport and sign in front of the consular officer (or it is possible to recognise own signature on the already signed document). The legalisation of a signature or a photocopy of a document can be proceeded immediately but in this case it is recommended to contact the Consular Section in advance to agree on the date and time.  

Our Consular Section does not legalise photocopies of passports, identity cards and other identity documents, documents of a technical nature (e.g. geometrical plan, drawings), lottery tickets, cheques, deposit books etc.


Charges are payable in cash in EUR to the consular officer when receiving the legalised document. The amounts in EUR are subject to the up-to-date currency rate between the Czech Crown and the mentioned currencies.    

- to attest a signature:                   CZK 250,- (for each signature)

- to certify a translation:                CZK 300,- (for each page A4)

- to authenticate a photocopy:  CZK 300,- (for each page A4)