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About the Representation

Role of the Permanent Representation

The Permanent Representation in Brussels serves as the primary liaison between Czech civil administration and EU institutions. The diplomats at the Permanent Representation negotiate at the meetings of 150 working groups. Over 2,000 meetings take place over each six-month period. In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Office of the Government and other ministries, the Permanent Representation prepares over 30 formal Councils of Ministers and several European Councils each semester. European Councils, ie. summits of the EU heads of states and governments, determine the Union's strategic development.

The Permanent Representatives Committee to the EU (comprising COREPER II and COREPER I) prepare all Councils of Ministers. The former is concerned with political and financial issues and foreign affairs; the Ambassador to the EU, Edita Hrdá, takes part in the sessions of this committee. The latter committee concerns economic and social issues. The Permanent Representative to the COREPER I Lucie Šestáková takes part in its meetings. The third key committee is the Political and Security Committee (COPS) where the Czech Republic is represented by Ambassador Jitka Látal Znamenáčková.


Senior Officials at the Permanent Representation




Edita Hrdá


Permanent Representative to COREPER II
Head of the Czech Permanent Representation to the EU