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a) Application Form. To download form: click here.

b) Travel document

Passport must be valid for at least 90 days after the intended departure from Schengen and will contain at least two blank pages.

c) One (1) recent photograph

Photo size should be 3.5 x 4.5 cm, with a light-colored background. The photograph must be pasted/glued on the designated space on the upper right side corner of the first page of the application form.

d) Official Invitation Form - certified by a local branch of Czech Alien and Border Police

The Official Invitation Form is available at branches of Czech Alien and Border Police. To view website of the Czech Alien and Border Police, click here

It is up to the host / inviting company in the Czech Republic to arrange it.        

In the absence of the Official Invitation Form:

* an invitation letter from the inviting Czech company. The Official Invitation Form is however strongly recommended.

e) Official Bank Certificate (proof of financial means)

Original bank account statement showing transaction history for the past 6 months;

Further bank books, personal bank statements showing regular income, credit card statements or balance, covering the last 6 month may be submitted with the application.  For minors proof of parents or legal quardian´s economic means.

The Official Bank Certification must include a paragraph containing waiver of rights to release information to the Embassy of the Czech Republic - Visa Section. If this is not possible, a separate authorization letter addressed to the bank concerned must be produced, signed by the account holder and acknowledged by the bank representative (whether by signature or by stamp), a copy of which must be submitted to the Embassy at the time of application.

f) Accommodation Confirmation

g) Round trip flight reservation

h) Travel medical insurance

Insurance must be valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit. The minimum coverage must be EUR 30,000. Travel insurance cannot be accepted if it excludes the coverage of a pandemic illness.

i) Other documents to support the visa application such as:

a. For employees : Dispatch Letter from the applicant’s employer in the Philippines. The letter must include information on the applicant’s current company designation, the nature/purpose of travel to the Czech Republic and confirmation of the applicant’s working relationship with the employer upon return to the Philippines.

b. For business owners : Business papers (SEC/DTI Certification)

* Further documentation may be requested at the time of application.