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Saami musician Vassvik performing at the Archa Theatre in Prague
Photo: Saami musician Vassvik performing at the Archa Theatre in Prague © Arctic Festival Archive

Arctic Festival


The Czech Republic hosts a traditional festival of Czech and Arctic science and culture and its third edition took place from 4 December 2020 to 31 December 2021. The Arctic Festival’s main goal is to deepen the already established contacts between Czech and non-Czech Arctic scientists and artists and to welcome the involvement of new partners.

During the festival, both professional and non-professional audiences get acquainted with the achievements of Nordic and Czech scientists in their Arctic research and with the joint Czech Arctic cultural and scientific activities in Czechia and in the Arctic. An additional goal is to help the wider public become familiar with the culture and history of Arctic nations. The festival includes cultural performances by Saami, Inuit and other Arctic artists. Part of the programme focuses on Czech translations of the literature of the indigenous people of the Arctic. 

The first Arctic Festival took place from August to September 2018 at Longyearbyen, the Svalbard administrative centre, and in the deserted mining town of Pyramiden under the title of “At Home in Svalbard 2018“.

From November 2019 to January 2020, the Czech Republic hosted, as a follow-up to the previous year’s Arctic Festival,“ Arctic Festival 2019, and the Days of Arctic and Czech Culture and Science“ with activities in Prague, České Budějovice, Teplice and Pilsen. The Inuit shaman HIVSHU opened the exhibitions “Greenlandic Myths and Legends/Illustrations by Martin Velíšek” and “Saami Fairy Tales and Legends/Illustrations by Luboš Drtina” at the Archa Theatre in Prague. There was also a discussion with the Norwegian writer Monica Kristensen about the Czech translations of her books from Svalbard and performances by the music groups Vassvik from Lapland and Kapp Mitra from Svalbard followed.

This year we can look forward to a discussion with the Norwegian writer Sigri Sandberg, a performance by the Icelandic singer Svávar Knútur and the Saami music group Sagittarius.

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