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Masaryk Diplomatic Program - Final Papers

At the end of May 2022, ten students completed the Masaryk Diplomatic Program (MDP), a two-month-long educational program of the Embassy of the Czech Republic designed for university students interested in diplomacy, international relations, and… more ►

Czech Language Courses and Studies in the Czech Republic

We are proud to present the current offer of Czech language courses available for members of the Czech-American compatriot community. more ►

Teaching English at Public Schools in the Czech Republic


Academic Information Agency (AIA) acts as an intermediary between primary and secondary public schools in the Czech Republic and teachers of English interested in employment at the participating schools. The program is focused solely on teaching… more ►

Czech Studies in the U.S.

The following is a listing of organizations that provide Czech Cultural Studies Classes. They are sorted alphabetically by institution. more ►

Education System in the Czech Republic

The Czech education system is based on a long tradition beginning in 1774, when compulsory school attendance was instituted. The current literacy rate in the country is above 99%. more ►

Czech-U.S. College Partnerships

Czech Language Classes in the U.S.