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Appointment System for Submission of Visa Application

On February 1, 2019, the change of appointment system for submission of visa applications came into force at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo. The email address - Tokyo.Visa@mzv.gov.cz - has been newly established, through which visa applicants will only be able to apply for an appointment for the submission of visa application form, both short-term visa (for up to 90 days) and long-term visa and residence permit (over 90 days).

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo will accept visa applicants in the dedicated office hours of the Consular and Visa Department, i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9:00 to 12:00 (maximum 18 applicants in the above-mentioned office hours) - by prior arrangement of the appointment via the above-mentioned email. Without making this appointment, the application will not be accepted.

We ask all applicants to kindly make an appointment for submitting the visa application - by sending a mail to Tokyo.Visa@mzv.gov.cz - as early as possible, since the waiting time for available submission slots can be long at times (especially during the summer months, when the waiting time can exceptionally exceed 6 weeks). Thank you for your understanding.


How to proceed with making an appointment for the submission of a visa application?

The applicant must send the request via e-mail to the Tokyo.Visa@mzv.gov.cz, with the following information (in this order):

  1. First name and surname (scan of the passport data page)
  2. Date of birth (scan of the passport data page)
  3. Nationality (non-Japanese nationals must submit a proof of their authorized long-term residence in Japan - scan of a residence card, or, if applicants do not have this card, provide circumstances of their stay in Japan)
  4. Contact details - phone and email address
  5. Information on whether the applicant applies for a short-term Schengen (up to 90 days) or long-term visa or residence permit (over 90 days)
  6. Purpose of the stay in the Czech Republic - scan of the document(s) confirming the information (e.g. decision on admission to study, decision of the Labour Office in case of employment, statement from the Commercial Register, invitation to a conference, invitation to a business meeting, invitation issued by the Foreign Police of the Czech Republic, an itinerary for a trip in the case of tourism or working holidays, etc.)
  7. Indication of the applicant when an applicant is able to be present for a submission of the visa application form (the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo may not fully accept this information because applications are assessed in the order in which they are received).

The applicant will receive an automatic reply to the email in which he/she will be informed about the confirmation of receiving his/her email with the request for a visa appointment. Applications are lodged in person.

Only if all of the above information is mentioned, the applicant's application will be further processed and the applicant will receive another email confirming the appointment for submitting the visa application to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo. This appointment cannot be changed. If the applicant cannot be present at the designated time due to important reasons, he/she must immediately inform the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo by email and later on ask for a new appointment in the same way mentioned above.

Registration e-mails that cannot be replied to from the mailbox to which they were delivered, will be excluded from registration.


!! Citizens of other countries than Japan, who wish to apply for an employment card, please follow this procedure !!