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Bilateral Relations 2013

Visit of the Czech representatives to Sweden

  • May 6 – 7
  • The First Deputy Defence Minister Mr. Daniel Koštoval in Stockholm
  • May 28 – 29
  • The offcial visit of Mrs. Miroslava Němcová, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic with the delegation in Sweden
  • June 12
  • The First Deputy Industry and Transport Minister Milan Hovorka at the meeting of the V4 and NB8 in Sweden
  • June 9 - 11
  • The official visit of Mr. Karel Schwarzenberg the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sweden, with a delegation of representatives of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Academy of Engineering and Czech companies
  • September 29 – October 2
  • The Standing Committee on Rural Development of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic in Sweden

 Visits of the Swedish representatives to the Czech Republic

  • February 11
  • The Minister for Trade Mrs. Ewa Björling in the Czech Republic