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Important: New visa appointment registration system

As of 1st March 2024, the following conditions are applied for scheduling appointments for visa applicants. Kindly read and follow the registration rules, described below.

Appointment requests must be sent exclusively to one of the following dedicated e-mail address:


SCHENGEN visa  = lusaka.schengen@mzv.gov.cz

WORK visa = lusaka.work@mzv.gov.cz

STUDENT visa = lusaka.student@mzv.gov.cz

FAMILY reunification visa = lusaka.family@mzv.gov.cz


General rule is applied: one e-mail = one applicant, appointment requests for more persons in one e-mail are not accepted.

The appointment request must have the following structure and meet the conditions listed below:


Part 1 (email subject):

• only the unique number of the applicant's passport must be specified in the subject of the e-mail


Part 2 (email text):

• the following information must be included in the text of the e-mail:

• name and surname of the applicant (exactly according to the applicant's passport)

• date of birth of the applicant

• applicant's phone number

• applicant's email


Part 3 (email attachments):

• in e-mail attachments: the applicant must attach attachments in PDF format (links to attachments located in cloud storage are not accepted):

• a copy of the first page of your travel document with personal data and photo

• a copy of the document proving the purpose of your stay (for example: employment permit issued by the Labor Office in the Czech Republic; employment contract; vacancy number from the portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic, etc.)

Sending only the PDF attachments is not sufficient, it is necessary to provide all the required information in the text of the e-mail as well. At the same time, the information in the text of the e-mail must correspond in full with the attachments. If they are different, the appointment request will be disregarded.

Each registration must be sent only once and then it is necessary to wait for the Embassy´s response.


The appointment request will not be accepted in the following cases:

• unique number of the applicant's passport is not included in the subject of the e-mail;

• applicant does not provide all the required information in the text of the e-mail;

• applicant does not attach the required PDF attachments;

• proof of purpose of stay is older than 180 days;

• applicant uploads the attachments to the cloud storage and includes only on-line links in the e-mail;

• information in the text of the e-mail differs from the information in the attachments;

• applicant sends his registration e-mail to a different e-mail address of the Embassy;

• one e-mail application for registration is for more than one applicant;

• each applicant can send only 1 e-mail.

The Embassy does not interfere with the order of delivered e-mails. It is not possible to change the scheduled date. Any request of this nature will be disregarded. If the applicant does not show up to a scheduled appointment, his/her time-slot is forfeited and he/she must register again in the standard manner described above.

Applicants usually receive an answer within 5 working days. Applicants should not respond to this automatic e-mail and the Embassy will not react to questions in this context. If an appointment was not assigned to you, it means that either your e-mail did not meet the specified criteria, or it was sent earlier than the given time period, or the quota has been met. The Embassy will not respond to any further inquiries sent in this context.

Note that appointment request mailboxes are used exclusively for this purpose and no questions will be answered. All the necessary information is available online (e.g. our website, Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic website). Also note that attempts to send appointment requests using software tools may be evaluated as spam for security reasons and as a result of such e-mails will not be taken into account.

Thank you for your cooperation.