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Honorary Consulates

The presence of the Czech Republic in the region is strengthened by two Honorary Consulates, namely in Harare and Lilongwe.

Honorary consulates have limited powers compared to an embassy, ​​their function lies mostly in representation and assistance. The Honorary Consul is a citizen of the receiving country or a long-term resident of the Czech Republic in the said country with rich contacts with local entrepreneurs, political and cultural representatives and representatives of civil society. The Honorary Consulate, in cooperation with the Embassy, ​​provides assistance to Czech citizens in distress.

In other words, The Honorary Consulate provides information on the country in which it operates, facilitates contacts and helps Czech citizens in need (provides information on available medical facilities, can visit detained or jailed Czech citizens, helps in the event of an accident, issues an emergency travel document in in the event of loss, destruction or theft of a passport, etc.). None of the two honorary consulates provides visa, authentication, or superlegalization services.

Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Harare  

Honorary Consul: Ivana Summerfield
ddress: P.O. Box A1493. Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe
Contact: +263 787 360 724, harare@honorary.mzv.cz, ivanajuhnova@gmail.com
Operating hours: TBC
Area of responsibility: Republic of Zimbabwe
The office shall communicate in Czech, English and French.

Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Lilongwe  

Closed until further notice.