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European Diplomatic Programme


The European Diplomatic Programme was established in 1999 and its main mission lies in establishing personal contacts among junior diplomats from the EU Member States, enhancing their appreciation of European dimension of diplomacy, and creating a common framework for diplomatic education outside the national schemes.

The EDP is administered by the European External Action Service (EEAS) agency and attended, besides national junior diplomats, by officials from European Commission and European Council secretariat, and recently also delegates from the EEAS itself.

The whole programme is designed into four segments lasting altogether one year. The first module is traditionally held in the country presiding the European Council, in the second the attendants visit the EU institutions in Brussels and deepen their negotiating skills. Third segment comprises a study visit to a selected EU country in order to get acquainted with national policies related to the program’s theme. The last part is yet again convened in the EU Presidency country and offers a synthesis of acquired knowledge. Moreover, the first and the last modules offer a venue for informal meetings of national directors of respective diplomatic academies and various education mechanisms within the ministries of foreign affairs of the EU Member States.

The Czech Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs proudly organised one of the EDP modules in April 2013, whose aim was to simulate international negotiations.