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Current General Diplomatic Training Course at the Diplomatic Academy (DA1)


Currently, there are 10 students of the General Diplomatic Training Course at the Diplomatic Academy. They were chosen after undergoing a demanding competition in the summer of 2012. The course is offered from October 2012 until September 2013. The students are employees of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have been temporarily granted the position of “attaché”. Like in the past few years, the successful applicants graduated from national and foreign universities with various academic specialisations. A common denominator among the students is a strong interest in international relations and in the Foreign Service.

Theoretical component – lectures, courses and presentations

The six month theoretical training programme consists mainly of participating in a wide ranging lecture series. The lecturers include top Czech and foreign experts on international relations from the government, non-governmental organisations as well as academia. In addition to several leading Czech experts, the Diplomatic Academy has welcomed several leading experts including the French politic scientist Jacques Rupnik, the former Czech Ambassador to the United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organization Karel Kovanda or the Czech Member of the European Commission responsible for enlargement, Štefan Füle. The theoretical training is enriched by a course in Diplomatic English and practical skill development in areas of psychological preparation, managing media, presentation and negotiation skills development. Field trips to Brussels and Vienna along with a survival camp organized by the Czech Military Academy in Vyškov are key components of the training programme. Participants are continually assessed but emphasis is placed on a final presentation and defence. Successful completion allows them to pass the theoretical component of the Diplomatic Academy.

Practical part – Internship at Embassies and in different department of the MFA

The second component of the Diplomatic Academy program comprises practical work experience. A two-month internship at a Czech Embassy usually Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Middle East or Latin America is arranged, This enables young diplomats´ to prove their adaptability by working in a foreign country under difficult conditions. Once this is completed, students spend the final four months of their practical training ensconced in the daily day work of different departments at the MFA in Prague. Success in all aspects of the Academy including the final internship and work performance at Cernin Palace is a prerequisite for a diplomatic career at the MFA as well as for earning a diplomatic rank.

Students of the Diplomatic Academy completed an intensive theoretical training


Students of the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA CZ who commenced their diplomatic training in October 2016 successfully completed its intensive theoretical part. Following the theoretical training… more ►



Diplomatic Academy student Ondrej Hovádek sent an interim report from his short-term secondment to the Czech Embassy in Beijing, where he is posted from 7th April to 22nd May. more ►

The Students of the Diplomatic Academy Visited Brussels for a Three-Day Internship


From 4-6 of February the Junior diplomatic training (DA1) students at the Diplomatic Academy visited Brussels with the deputy director, Mrs. Pavla Havrlíková. The varied program offered the… more ►

Junior diplomats attended media training practice


The junior diplomats went through training which should prepare them for presenting in front of television cameras. They were trained to present their own reports, foreign communications and give… more ►

DA Students met the Ambassador of the United Kingdom

On the 12th of January, the Director of the Diplomatic Academy Věra Jeřábková and junior diplomatic students accepted an invitation for afternoon tea at the residence of British Ambassador, H. E.… more ►

Junior diplomats defended their final thesis

Students of the junior diplomatic training programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs defended their theses to complete the theoretical part of their studies. more ►

Media training of junior diplomats in the Czech Radio


On February 25, 2014 MFA junior diplomats participated in a mock interview at Czech Radio as a part of their media skills training. more ►

The students of the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA completed an internship in Brussels


On 19 to 21 February 2014 the Czech junior diplomats visited Brussels. Here, they became familiar with the functioning of various EU institutions and the permanent delegation of the Czech… more ►

Junior diplomats visited the British embassy in Prague


The junior diplomats from the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic were invited by the British ambassador in Prague, Jan Thompson OBE, to her residence at… more ►

Junior diplomats completed the survival course in Vyškov


"Zero, Zero, this is Yankee2, Yankee2, reporting four team members, zero wounded, one first-aid-kit, over!" This and many other sentences have been deeply ingrained into the memories of the… more ►

Jacques Rupnik lectured on Europe at the crossroads


Professor and political scientist Jacques Rupnik gave a lecture to the students of the Diplomatic Academy MFA (junior diplomats). The topic was Europe, where it is heading and how the European… more ►

Diplomatic salon with Magdaléna Vašáryová „Women in diplomacy“

The 4th Diplomatic salon took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on October 8th 2013 with Mrs. Magdaléna Vašáryová, the former Ambassador of Czechoslovakia to Austria and the former… more ►

This year’s general diplomatic programme for junior diplomats well underway


Ten young prospective diplomats joined the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA on October 1, 2013. In the course of the first several weeks junior diplomats attended a number of theoretical and… more ►

Diplomatic Academy starts a new year of junior diplomatic training

On 3 October 2013, the Diplomatic Academy officially opened a new year of diplomatic training for MFA junior diplomats. In the opening ceremony, the junior diplomats who successfully completed… more ►

Junior diplomats back from Vienna


The students of the Diplomatic Academy (junior diplomats) have just completed a one-week internship in Vienna. The choice of the destination was not accidental as the Austrian capital is the seat… more ►