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Marriage in the Czech Republic

Conditions of the marriage in the Czech Republic.

The application for a marriage licence, as well as specific details about the procedure may be obtained from the respective City Hall of the District Council (Mestsky urad, Obvodni urad, Obecni urad) or the local church. The application is then to be submitted to this City Hall which is authorized to keep vital statistics records, or to a local church, some time before the planned marriage (approximately 14 days before).

The applicant is required to present the following documents to the local Czech local authorities:

1. Birth Certificate identifying the applicant's birth date and place of birth, their name and surname, as well as documentation concerning their parents (e.g. an abstract of the register of births).

2. A document (e.g. passport) certifying the citizenship of the applicant.

3. If widowed, the Death Certificate of the spouse.

4. If divorced, the Decree Absolute granted by the court.

5. Legal document certifying the applicant's capacity to marry and certifying that no legal impediment exists, (i.e. that they are free to marry.) These documents are required in order to guarantee that the marriage entered into in the Czech Republic will also be recognized by law in the foreign applicant's native country.

All the documents must be certified by the Apostille  which can be obtained via High Court in Hong Kong and by the Director of Legal Affairs Burreau in Macao.

Note that the translation may also be performed and verified in the Czech Republic by a certified translator. A list of authorized interpreters is available at every notary's office and court.

Each of the City Halls in the Czech Republic may have specific requirements for foreign citizens wishing to enter into marriage in the Czech Republic. The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing therefore strongly recommends that the couple contact the local City Hall to ascertain if anything else is required.