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Consular and Visa Fees

Consular Fees as of  June 11, 2024

Schengen short-stay visa   

764 HKD

Schengen visa (children 6-12 years)      382 HKD
Application for a review of the reasons given for short-stay visa refusal, annulment or revocation 509 HKD
Long-stay visa or residence permit 859 HKD
Long-stay visa for the purpose "business" 1717 HKD
Employee card or EU Blue card 1717  HKD
Legalization – Signature       86 HKD
Legalization – Translation/Copy  103 HKD
Translation of eligible documents into Czech (per page)    206 HKD
Translation of eligible documents into English (per page)     223 HKD
Certificate of Czech Citizenship    103 HKD
Registration of births, marriages, registered partnerships, and deaths of Czech nationals occurring abroad 69 HKD
Czech Criminal Record Certificate      69 HKD
Letter to apply for the HK No Criminal Record Certificate 258 HKD
Biometric passport 412 HKD
Biometric passport (children under 15 years) 137 HKD
Czech or EU Emergency Travel Document 137 HKD


There is no fee for visa issued to a family member of a citizen of an EU Member State, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland mentioned in a visa application form who accompanies the above mentioned persons on their journey. In order to obtain a visa in such case, the spouse/child has to submit the EU or EEA country national's passport (plus one photocopy) and a marriage/birth certificate (plus one photocopy) proving their relationship.

There is no visa fee for children under 6 years of age.