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Translation of documents

First, we would like to inform you that the Regulation (EU) 2016/1191 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 July 2016 on promoting the free movement of citizens by simplifying the requirements for presenting certain public documents in the European Union came into force on 16 February 2019. According to this Regulation, certain public documents do not need an apostille, and translation made by a sworn translator can be substituted by the so called multilingual standard form. Regulation covers particularly public documents, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, certificate of no impediment to marriage), and also for example extract from the criminal records, certificate of nationality, documents on divorce, certificate on registered address or certificate that a person is alive. The Regulation covers public documents issued by one of the EU Member States, which are presented in original or in a certified copy. Further information can be found on this website:



Should you still need a translation of a document, that is covered by the Regulation, by a sworn translator, please note that the authorities must accept a certified translation made in any EU country. Below you can find links to websites with lists of translators registered in The Netherlands and in the Czech Republic. For information on translators in other EU countries, please contact an embassy of the respective country in Prague or the Czech Embassy in the respective EU country.

The Register of sworn interpreters and translators in The Netherlands is posted by the Dutch Legal Aid Council here: https://www.bureauwbtv.nl/tolk-vertaler-zoeken/.

A list of sworn translators in the Czech Republic can be found on the website of the Czech Chamber of Sworn Translators here: https://www.kstcr.cz/cz, or on the website of the Czech judiciary or the websites of regional courts: https://www.justice.cz.


Please note that the Embassy does not provide translations of documents.