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Czech POINT at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in The Hague

Czech POINT (an acronym meaning Czech Filing Verification Information National Terminal) is a platform for assisted access to the public administration system. You can get certified extracts from a number of public administration information systems such as Criminal Register, Land Register or ask for new access details to your data mailbox.

All relevant information about Czech POINT services can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic and accessed via this link: https://www.czechpoint.cz/public/verejnost/sluzby/

If you want to use services of Czech POINT at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in The Hague, it is essential that you contact us in advance by e-mail: hague.consulate@mzv.gov.cz

The amount of a fee for services carried out through Czech POINT is determined in the Schedule of Consular Fees. The fee is paid when submitting the application in cash in EUR or by payment card, the amount of a consular fee in EUR is recalculated every month according to the current exchange rate. The current amount of fees can be found on the website of our Embassy in the chapter Consular Information - Consular Fees.

For your information, below you can find amount of consular fees in CZK as stated in the Annex to the Act No. 634/2004 Coll. on administrative fees.





151 e) a f)

100 CZK

application for an authorised conversion of documents, for each page of converted document

155 b)

300 CZK first page

150 CZK second or any subsequent page


- issuing of an authenticated extract from public administration information systems, with the exception of an authenticated extract from the Criminal Register;

- issuing of extracts from basic registers;

- issuing of an extract from the Land Register;

- application for a mediated identification according to number of pages of a public document, annexes to a public document are not included in number of pages

162 b)

200 CZK

issuing of an authenticated extract from the Criminal Register

The following applications are not subject to a fee:

  • data mailbox applications and notifications,
  • application for providing data from the Register of Residents to a third party.



Extracts issued by Czech POINT offices are primarily intended for use in the territory of the Czech Republic, except for extracts with multilingual annex for EU countries. The use of documents abroad is governed by different rules. In case you require an apostille or a superlegalization for your document, it is necessary to apply for a document in a different way than through the Czech POINT office. For more information, contact our office by e-mail: consulate_hague@mzv.cz