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Important business related contacts

Below you may find links to some of the most important economy and business institutions in the Czech Republic.

Doing Business in the Czech Republic   http://www.doingbusiness.cz
Statistics Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) http://www.czso.cz
Macroeconomic Analyses Ministry of Finance http://www.mfcr.cz
  Czech National Bank http://www.cnb.cz
Legislation Collection of Laws (in Czech only) http://www.sbirka.cz
  Automatizovaný systém právních informací https://www.noveaspi.cz/
Trade Opportunities CzechTrade http://www.czechtrade.cz
  CzechTrade's supplier search service http://www.supplier.cz
Finance and Insurance Export Guarantee and Insurance Corp. http://www.egap.cz
  Export Bank http://www.ceb.cz
Company Information Registry of Companies http://www.justice.cz
  Inform Katalog http://www.inform.cz
  Kompass CR https://cz.kompass.com
Professional Associations
Economic Chamber of the CR http://www.komora.cz
  Czech-Polish Chamber of Commerce http://www.opolsku.cz
  British Chamber of Commerce http://www.britishchamber.cz
  Association of Building Entrepreneurs ​http://www.sps.cz
  Confederation of Industry of the CR http://www.spcr.cz/
  Association of Textile, Clothing and Leather Manufacturers http://www.atok.cz
  Association of Glass and Ceramics Industry http://www.askpcr.cz
  Association of Advertising Agencies https://www.acra-mk.cz/
  The Chamber of Tax Advisors http://www.kdpcr.cz
  Union of Accountants https://www.svaz-ucetnich.cz/
  Chamber of Auditors http://www.kacr.cz
  Czech Management Association http://www.cma.cz
  Automotive Industry Association http://www.autosap.cz
Fairs and Exhibitions List of fairs and exhibitions http://www.veletrhyavystavy.cz/
  Brno Trade Fairs and Exhibitions (BVV) http://www.bvv.cz
  CzechInvest http://www.czechinvest.org
  Exchange Rates http://www.cnb.cz
  Finanční noviny (Financial News) https://eng.kurzy.cz/
  The Praque Stock Exchange (PSE) http://www.pse.cz
  Real time market data from PSE http://www.akcie.cz
  RM-Systém http://www.rmsystem.cz
  General financial information http://www.finance.cz