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Application for a death registration – a death of a Czech citizen that took place in Canada

If a Czech citizen dies in Canada (or abroad), an application for death registration should be submitted. Only through this application process will the person be registered as deceased.

Based on this application, a death registration will take place in the Czech Republic and a Czech death certificate will be issued. 
Deaths of Czech Republic citizens that took place abroad are registered by zvláštní matrika in Brno-střed.


The following must be submitted: 
Please note: All documents must be originals. Copies of documents, excluding those certified in the Czech Republic, cannot be accepted. 

  1. Completed form: Žádost o zápis umrtí.
  2. Original death certificate in the form of certified copy of death registration (long-form). A death certificate can also be accepted. To obtain the certificate, you must contact the appropriate provincial authority:
    Ontario: Service Ontario
    Alberta: Vital Statistics Alberta
    Manitoba: Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency
    Saskatchewan: eHealth Saskatchewan

Please note that we are unable to accept proof of death issued by the funeral home. Only provincially issued certificates can be used.  

The original (NOT a notarized copy) must be affixed with a certification called Apostille by the appropriate government authority – this depends on where the marraige certificate was issued:

Ontario: Official Document Services

Alberta: Deputy Provincial Secretary’s Office

Manitoba: Global Affairs Canada

Saskatchewan: Ministry of Justice and Attorney General of Saskatchewan


Along with the original death certificate affixed with an Apostille you will submit a professional translation into Czech language. The translation must be done on a computer on a separate sheet of paper and the entire document must be translated – this includes the Apostille.The translation does not have to be notarized. We do not accept translation by automated translators.  For your convenience, the Consulate lists contacts for several translators in Canada on its website


  1. The deceased person’s proof of Czech citizenship –Czech passport, obcansky prukaz, Czech citizenship certificate that covers the date of death OR a completed application and questionnaire to determine Czech citizenship as of the date of death and to issue a Czech citizenship certificate with the accompanying documents for this type of application. 
  2. The deceased person’s birth certificate if single.
  3. The deceased person’s marriage certificate if married.
  4. The deceased person’s divorce certificate with the date the divorce took legal effect if divorced. 
  5. Completed form Osobni udaje – completed with information about the applicant for the death registration.
  6. Valid picture ID of the applicant.
  7. Applicant’s documents proving the relationship to the deceased person such as: birth, marriage certificates.











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