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ETIAS - European Travel Information and Authorisation System

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System or ETIAS is a visa waiver program that is meant to strengthen the borders of the Schengen Zone. This is done by keeping a record of non-EU visitors who wish to enter and travel about the Czech Republic and the entirety of the Schengen Zone.

Currently, many non-EU citizens do not need a visa to visit Europe. However, in 2024, this will change. Non-EU citizens who wish to travel to the Czech Republic will need an ETIAS visa waiver for the Czech Republic.

The ETIAS screens all applicants prior to their travel to the Czech Republic. Once visitors are approved, they are able to move freely throughout the Schengen Zone for up to 90 days.

ETIAS is not a visa and the process of entering Schengen will be comparatively similar to how it worked before. However, the new visa waiver will work as an added security measure to screen passengers before arrival. It is also important to know that this is the same for all EU countries found within the Schengen Area.

ETIAS for the Czech Republic – ETIAS.org