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Photo: Kibbutz Kfar Masaryk

Kibbutz Kfar Masaryk

Kibbutz was founded in the 1930s, before the declaration of the State of Israel, by Czechoslovak and Lithuanian immigrants. It was named after the first president of the Czechoslovakia - Tomáš Garigue Masaryk in 1940. It currently has about 700 members, including 40 originally from Czechoslovakia. It is a well-developed kibbutz with modern agriculture and advanced factories. Residents are cultivating cotton, tomatoes, avocados, and breeding for cattle, poultry, and carp. Their factories produce electronics, paper and cardboard boxes of all kinds.

In 1985, the Amutat Yad T. G. Masaryk Association was founded in the kibbutz, with the goal of building a monument to TGM. The association immediately began to organize a fundraising campaign, not only in Israel itself, but also among its compatriots abroad. Among the contributors were, among others, Miloš Forman and compatriot´s organizations in the USA. At the end of the 1980s, a building was constructed in the kibbutz that both commemorates TGM and serves as a study room for materials related to TGM and Czechoslovakia. President Václav Havel visited Yad Masaryk during a state visit to Israel in 1990. However, the Centre is managed only by volunteers without sufficient training to create a real scientific center of an adequate level.

Kibbutz members and people from the region with ties to Czechoslovakia gather each spring to commemorate the birth of TGM and in autumn on the occasion of the establishment of Czechoslovakia. The meetings are usually composed of a lecture combined with a cultural program. The average attendance is about 100 people.

To arrange your visit of the Kibbutz in person, please contact the coordinator directly on 00972 5283 46306.