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Photo: Beit Terezin

Beit Terezin

Chairwoman: Tami Kinberg

Beit Terezin is a non-profit organization dedicated to commemorating the victims of the Terezin Jewish ghetto. It seeks to create a bond between the victims, survivors and next generations. Therefore, the most common visitors are pupils, students, scholars and teachers from Israeli institutions and from all over the world. An important part of Beit Terezin's work is to continue documenting the unique history of the Terezín Ghetto and to organize educational and cultural activities, publish books and catalogues. Beit Terezin is supported financially by the Israeli state, however, most of the work is done by volunteers. There are only three people working full time at Beit Terezin. The Association for the Commemoration of the Martyrs, Beit Terezin, was founded in Kibbutz Givat Chaim. The construction of the new facility was initiated by members of the Zionist Youth Movement and the Hechalutz organization living in Israel. The organization's building was constructed in 1975 in Kibbutz Givat Chajim Ichud as a museum, exhibition hall, library, educational center and archive. The twelve-cornered red brick memorial hall is an architectural reminder of the Terezin fortifications, with a mosaic map of ghetto’s streets with all the blocks and buildings. The Beit Terezin archives contain files of all those who were imprisoned in the ghetto. The organization holds an annual gathering for former prisoners of Terezin at Kibbutz Givat Chaim.

Givat Chaim Ichud
38935 Emek Hefer
Tel: +972/4/6369515, fax: +972/4/6369793, e-mail: info@bterezin.org.il
Website: www.bterezin.org.il