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Long-term Visa / Residence Permit

Long-term visa and residence permits (except studies)

The appointment for applications for long-term visa / residence permit must be arranged in advance exclusively by e-mail sent to the following e-mail address: tehran.visa@mzv.gov.cz. Except for purpose of studies for which there is a special procedure.

E-mail requests for an appointment are uploaded to one infinite queue based on the date, hour, minute, and second of delivery of the email into the Embassy’s inbox. The Embassy does not interfere with the order of delivered e-mails in any way, the Embassy does not alter or influence the queue. In case the applicant cannot attend his given appointment, he/she has to request a new appointment in the standard manner. 

The rule is: one email = one applicant. The only exception is for minors (under-age children), which will apply for residency together with a legal guardian. In this case it is possible to apply for an appointment date by the same email as for the legal guardian.

The email must contain following items:

  • Scanned copy of the passport data page (pdf format)
  • Scanned copy of document of purpose of stay/residency - for example marriage license, Business Registry statement, etc. (pdf format)
  • Name, date of birth, passport number, email, telephone number - Long-term visa / resident permit appointment form (DOCX, 13 KB)
  • Purpose of stay
  • In subject of the email - name and purpose of stay

In case of sending your email to the wrong email address or the information and requested enclosures submitted would not be complete YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY ANSWER to your request.


Long-term visa / resident permit appointment form 12 KB DOCX (FILE_TYPE_DOCX) Aug 2, 2020