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Disarmament belongs among the key issues on the contemporary global security agenda. Various actors of international affairs engage with each other through bilateral and multilateral diplomacy in order to control and halt proliferation of weapons. In this regard Geneva, Vienna and New York are the main centres of the UN disarmament activities in the world.

Within the UN System the principal body for disarmament is the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) based in New York, USA.

The Geneva Branch of UNODA provides substantive and organizational support to a wide range of multilateral disarmament bodies and agreements including:

The Permanent Mission represents the Czech Republic at the Geneva Branch of UNODA while its aim is to foster cooperation and activities in various disarmament forums. Our priority is to implement objectives set out in existing agreements and to interact with other member states, international organizations, academia and relevant NGOs.

Czechia sends hundreds of heavy military systems worth tens of billions to Ukraine during the first year of Russian invasion

In the first year of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Czechia has delivered dozens of tanks, combat and armoured vehicles and other heavy military systems to Ukraine. Roughly one third of the material came from the Czech Army, the rest was… more ►

Czech voice supports its allies against Russian accusations at the Biological Weapons Convention


On 28 November, Veronika Stromšíková, Director of the Control Policies Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, spoke to express considerable concerns over the Russian accusations against the USA and Ukraine. more ►