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Exhibition Synergia I in Helsinki

(This article expired 05.11.2022.)

On October 25, 2012 the exhibition Synergia I of graduates of the Academies of Fine Arts in Finland and in the Czech Republic was opened in Helsinki

The exhibition was officially opened by the rector of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts prof. Markus Konttinen, the rector of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts doc. Jiří T. Kotalík and the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Finland, Martin Tomčo. The curator of the exhibition was Petr Rehor – Czech art painter in Finland. The vernissage was attended by around a hundred visitors.

The exhibition is a crosscut of the works of Czech art students in Helsinki and Finnish art students in Prague. Through the works of the youngest art generation the exhibition tries to present the Czech modern art and its interaction with the Finnish modern art. In the frame of the exhibition three Czech artists - Sylva Březnová, Klára  Pernicová and Ivan Svoboda - and three Finnish artists - Valpuri Kylmänen, Emma Rönnholm and Oona Tikkaoja were introduced to the Finnish public. Both rectors of the Art Academies also took the patronage over the project.

The exhibition was prepared together by both Art Academies, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Helsinki, Embassy of Finland in Prague and the Czech Centre in Stockholm. The exhibition is open in Gallery FAFA till November 11, 2012 and after that it will be transferred to Prague to be presented in the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts during the time from November 28 to December 13, 2012.




Synergia - pozvánka 555 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Oct 29, 2012