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Information for Israeli Passport Holders

Nationals of the State of Israel holding national passports may enter the territory of the Czech Republic without visa for the purpose of a non-profit-making stay not exceeding ninety (90) days.
For stays exceeding 90 (ninety) days, Family Dependent, Employment, Business and Study in the Czech Republic, it is necessary to apply for visas.

Information for Israeli Travel Documents Holders

The agreement on the abolition of visa requirements between the Czech Republic and the State of Israel applies to holders of the Passport of the State of Israel only. The holders of Travel Documents of the State of Israel, need to apply for visas.

Other passports

Citizens, holders of Foreign Passports, residing, working or studying in the State of Israel, are recommended to contact the Embassy of the Czech Republic for updated list of countries, citizens of which do not need visas for their stay in the Czech Republic not exceeding the period of max. 90 days.

Visas are not required for the holders of EU, EEA (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) and Swiss Confederation passports, for any type of visit or stay in the Czech Republic.


Visa requirements, Visa applications and all other requirements and instruction for a smooth arriving and entering the territory of the Czech Republic - please contact the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tel Aviv:


The Embassy of the Czech Republic

P.O.B 16361, Tel Aviv - 61 664, Israel
Tel: (+972) 03 - 691 8282 Fax: (+972) 03 - 691 8286

E-mail.: telaviv@embassy.mzv.cz