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Budvar collaborates with Mikkeller for a groundbreaking new Czech-style lager

Budvar, the national brewery of the Czech Republic, has announced a new collaboration beer with Mikkeller, the cult Danish craft brewery. The Czech-style lager is called #Yearofthelager and is the third release in Budvar’s partnership brewing programme, which it pioneered in 2023 to share its centuries of Czech brewing knowhow with selected craft breweries across the world.

#Yearofthelager is the result of a shared vision of two world-leading breweries. Both Budvar and Mikkeller are dedicated to making the finest beers using the best ingredients – and both have a love of lager, brewed traditionally and properly conditioned. At 4.6%, #Yearofthelager has the aroma, crisp taste and balance that characterises a classic Czech-style lager, along with contemporary packaging design courtesy of Mikkeller, the famously innovative Copenhagen-based brewery that has been at the forefront of the craft beer scene since 2006. 

The name #Yearofthelager refers to a running joke Mikkeller founder Mikkel Bjergsø has had with his brewing team every New Year’s Eve since 2018 – that the following year would be when the world began to appreciate properly brewed and matured lager. That it would be the year of the lager. This new collaboration fuels a growing appreciation for properly brewed lager, and Budvar, who have been brewing lager the same way, in the same place, since 1895, have the history and skill to showcase it.

As Mikkel says: ‘This collaboration with Budvar means that the Year of The Lager is finally here.’

Mikkeller and Budvar

Mikkeller and Budvar

The traditional Czech brewing method of decoction and long, slow maturing complements the German malts and Saaz hops, while Budvar’s decades-old yeast strain provides the trademark clean and balanced Czech profile. The famously exacting Mikkel has made thousands of beers in his time as a brewer, but is particularly excited about #Yearofthelager.

‘Budvar is perhaps the most iconic lager brewery in the world,’ he says. ‘To be invited by one of the last state-owned breweries, from the homeland of lager, the Czech Republic, is recognition of what Mikkeller has done for beer over the last 17-18 years – especially the last four to five years with our focus on quality lager.’

Adam Brož, Budvar’s Brewmaster, agrees: ‘When I think of Mikkeller I think first of true passion for making excellent beer,’ he says, ‘and then I think of the variety of exciting beer styles they make.’

Research shows that the craft lager sector is growing faster than any other, and #Yearofthelager pushes the standard higher. #Yearofthelager is the third release in Budvar’s partnership brewing programme, following hugely successful collaborations with Thornbridge in the UK (Czech Mates) and Berlin’s BRLO (OK, Czech!). The project was launched to spread appreciation for properly brewed Czech-style lager and share Budvar’s unrivalled knowledge and innovative spirit towards brewing.

Radim Zvánovec, Budvar’s Global Ambassador, says: ‘For the first time, we set out on a journey to bring our Czech brewing standards to the world. We can share our knowledge with other brewers, but we learned so much ourselves. We want everyone to enjoy lager the way we believe it should be, wherever they are in the world. And this is just the beginning.’

#Year of the Lager is available in 440ml cans and on draught.

Mikkeller and Budvar

Mikkeller and Budvar

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