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Long term visa (over 90 days)

  • Long-term visa applications are submitted to the diplomatic missions of the Czech Republic according to the consular territorial competence.

  • You are obliged to file the application only at the Czech Embassy/Consulate located in the state of your citizenship or which issued your current travel document or in the state in which you have a long-term or permanent residence permit of two years minimum. You are excluded from these conditions if you are a citizen of a state presented in the list of countries whose nationals are entitled to file an application for a long-term visa at any Czech Embassy/Consulate whatsoever (Decree No. 429/2010 Coll.).

  • The diplomatic mission forwards the application to the Ministry of the Interior for an evaluation and decision. If the application is evaluated positively, the long-stay visa, with the maximum duration one year, is issued by the diplomatic mission where the application was filed.

  • You are required to submit your visa application in person. Upon submitting your visa application, an interview will take place and you may be asked to explain the reasons why you apply.
  • Under Section 16 of the Administrative Procedure Code the documents are to be produced in the Czech language. Parties to proceedings may produce documents also in the Slovak language. Documents written in a foreign language must be submitted by a party to proceedings in the original version together with an officially certified translation into Czech (Act No. 36/1967 Col., on Experts and Interpreters, as amended). You can find the list of official translators and interpreters here.

Please be aware that no status updates on long term visa applications will be given by the Consulate (neither by mail nor phone). For status updates please visit our website: http://www.mzv.cz/consulate.newyork/en/visa_and_consular_information/visa/approved_visa/index.html.
If your number does not appear on the website, then it means your visa is still in process.  Please keep in mind the visa processing times when checking your visa status.

For more information you can also go to the website of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic at http://www.mvcr.cz/.

Business visa

The appointment is required! For the appointment please call the Visa Section at 646-422-3306 or send an e-mail to cs.ny@mzv.cz. more ►

Student long term visa

Information about how to submit applications for long stay visas (for over 90 days of stay) for study purposes. more ►

Family/Dependant visa

Every member of an applying family must apply separately and fulfill all requirements for the visa. Children under 15 years are not required to submit a Czech Criminal History Record and Affidavit confirming that they have never been indicted… more ►

Long-stay visa for other purposes

You can apply for this visa if you would like to study at non-accredited school/program by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic. All documents must be translated into the Czech language. more ►

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