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Family related issues

Czech Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

Requirements for marriage in the Czech Republic

The application to enter into a marriage as well as specific details about the procedure shall be obtained from the respective City Hall of the District Council (Mestsky urad, Obvodni urad, Obecni urad) or the local church. more ►

Ancestors in the Czech Republic

Over the last few years, we have witnessed an increasing interest in genealogical research among Czech Americans. Our Consulate has received many requests for information on how and where to start researching their Czech lineage. more ►

Adoption in the Czech Republic

It is possible for U.S. citizen to adopt a child in the Czech Republic... more ►

Legal assistance, inheritance, searching for relatives

In this section you will find information that may be useful to you when dealing with your legal matters (e.g. inheritance) or when searching for your relatives in the Czech Republic. more ►