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Traveling to the Czech Republic

Contacts for stay in the Czech Republic

While staying in the Czech Republic, you can contact the appropriate offices of the Ministry of Interior regarding of your long-term visa, long-term residence permit, extention of your stay and any other questions concerning your residence… more ►

Travel document

Persons older the age of 15 must travel with their own travel document. more ►

Health Insurance for traveling to the Czech Republic without visa

The travel medical insurance must confirm to the following requirements for short stay in the Schengen area (stay up to 90 days): more ►

Money Export & Import

Natural persons entering or leaving the territory of the European Communities (EC) are required to notify the customs office in writing about imports and exports of payment instruments. more ►

Export and Import of Non-commercial Goods to and from the Czech Republic

Export and Import of Non-commercial Goods to and from the Czech Republic more ►

Import of Motor Vehicles into the CR- Requirements for Registration

Information on Import of Motor Vehicles into the Czech Republic & Requirements for Registration more ►

Information on Driving Motor Vehicles in the Czech Republic

International Driver´s License Every person who drives a motor vehicle in the Czech Republic must carry either a driver’s license issued by the Czech Republic itself or another European Union (EU) member state, or an international… more ►

Requirements for Travel with Pets and for Import of Animals to the Czech Republic

Traveling with medication

Here you can find the information on traveling to the Czech Republic with medication/medicaments for personal use. more ►

Bringing weapons/firearms into the Czech Republic

A visitor cannot import, export or transport explosives as non-commercial goods into the Czech Republic. more ►

Tax Free Shopping in the Czech Republic

All foreign tourists outside the EU are entitled to claim the value added tax (VAT). more ►