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Trilateral Projects

Bilateral cooperations are not sufficient to face development challenges of the current world. For fundamental and sustainable improvement in the quality of life of people in developing countries, it is neccessary to coordinate on a global level and involve extensive range of policies - in addition to development cooperation also international trade, environmental protection, including measures relating to climate change, tax issues, the fight against corruption, security issues, migration, etc.

The Czech republic cooperates with a number of international organizations that seek to reduce global poverty. It is involved primarily in the development activities of the United Nations, European Union, international financial institutions, OECD and other intergovernmental organizations.

Ways of involvement of the Czech Republic in the activities of international organizations are many: in many cases it is the direct involvement of Czech experts in development projects implemented by the respectful organization, often specific activities of the respectful organization in the developing countries are supported.

The basic form of participation, however, is making a financial contribution to the budget of the respectful organization. The Czech Republic provides not only targeted financial contributions to selected organizations annually, but trying to make them growing by using the capacity of Czech experts as well. The Czech Republic participates inside the international organizations also in management, executive bodies and elsewhere, where it participates in strategies‘ set up and master plans activities.

The so-called trilateral projects are partly financed by the Czech Development Agency and co-financed by other donors.


A detailed overview of currently implemented trilateral projects in Ethiopia can be found on our interactive map:


Interactive map

Interactive map