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Bilateral Projects

The Czech Republic has been operating in the field of development cooperation in Ethiopia to a greater extent since 2001. Since 2011, Ethiopia has been one of the priority countries for Czech Development Cooperation.

Bilateral projects form a key part of the Czech Development Cooperation. Their total value has been constantly growing in recent years, in 2020 it reached 2,8 million EUR. These multi-annual projects with a specific development focus in Ethiopia aim to fight poverty, improve the living standards of the population and capacity building. The projects are designed in close cooperation with local partners to meet the needs of the beneficiaries.

The identification, formulation, implementation and evaluation of bilateral projects is the responsibility of the Czech Development Agency, which contracts through the announcement of subsidies and public procurement to implementers from the ranks of Czech non-governmental non-profit organizations, universities and private companies.

Ongoing bilateral projects are based on the Development Cooperation Program for the period 2018-2023 under the Memorandum of Understanding on Development Cooperation between the Czech Republic and Ethiopia. At the same time, all development activities of the Czech Development Cooperation are designed in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so as to support Ethiopia's national 10-year development plan.

Geographically, the Czech Development Cooperation projects are concentrated in the Region of Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region (SNNPR).

Czech bilateral development projects are implemented in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture and Rural Development - SDGs 2 and 15
    • Ensuring universal access to a sufficient amount of safe and nutritious food throughout the year; presentation of sustainable land and landscape management strategies.
  • Sustainable management of natural resources - SDGs 6 and 13
    • Ensuring universal and equal access to safe and accessible drinking water and building sanitation and sanitation facilities; building sustainable water supply systems.


A detailed overview of currently implemented bilateral projects in Ethiopia can be found on our interactive map:


Interactive map

Interactive map