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Žatec - the hop growing town on the UNESCO list


The Northwest Bohemian town of Žatec and its surrounding hop-growing landscape have been granted UNESCO World Heritage status. Monday’s (18.9.2023) announcement means that Czechia now has 17 entries on the prestigious list. Žatec, known… more ►

We donated blood


Our office staff have joined a blood donation programme to support the Ghana Health Service, which is struggling with a shortage of blood plasma. The event was organised by our Italian colleagues who invited the GHS to the Italian residency on… more ►

Ivan Pinkava "Light, More Light"


Photography workshop with world-renowned Czech photographer Ivan Pinkava. Ivan is an accomplished artist with sold-out exhibitions in the USA and China. Now, for the first time on the African continent, he is coming for a working session in… more ►

We marked 55 years since Prague Spring


The Czech Embassy in Accra has marked 55th anniversary of the Prague Spring in 1968. On this occassion an exhibition called 1968 was on desplay at the Villa Butique Hotel, Accra and an almost for 20 years banned film, the Joke of director… more ►

Cool Czechia for young African leaders


The Cool Czechia: Young African Leaders' Study Trip starts today. The project of strategic communication and outreach to African partners aims to bring a group of 19 young future leaders and influencers from 10 countries across the African… more ►